Things from the past have always captivated me. The colors, the materials, how they were used. But mostly I love that other people used them before I found them. They were part of a story.

Ever since I can remember I have been into vintage items. In junior high I decided to deck out my bedroom in a vintage Coca-Cola theme. Every time I found myself at an antique store with my mom, I would add something to my room. I found some cool things back then, in fact I still have several of them on display in my house today.

Today when I search for vintage items, I look for items that not only display beautifully in your home, but can also be used and admired on a regular basis. Vintage tablecloths are some of my favorite things to find, because they have elements of eye-catching design and practicality.

It’s always been a dream of mine to have a little vintage shop, and I am so happy to present Color & Fiber. I hope you enjoy adding some pieces to your own home, and sharing your story with it’s future.

~ Shannon Miller, Owner

Vintage Finds for Your Home

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