A Photoshoot with Vintage Flair

Seriously, look at that face. Makes my heart melt every time.

Now that I have a year of taking photos of babies under my belt, there is one thing I have learned. It’s not that easy. Babies move at all the wrong times, don’t listen to your posing ideas, and definitely don’t smile on demand. In fact, my super smiley baby seemed to go straight-faced every time I busted out the nice camera.

When my daughter was born, I decided she needed to have a mini-photoshoot every time she turned another month old. What I didn’t think about was that for the first several months, they can’t really do anything but lay there. So I had to get creative with what she was laying on.

These are her 2-month photos, and they just might be my favorite. She is posing on one of my favorite vintage tablecloths (sorry, folks, not for sale), and I think that the colors in the tablecloth with her bright blue dress just looks stunning.

The best part is you can use a tablecloth for any of your photoshoots, not just ones of your adorable baby. I personally like ones with bright colors, like this cheerful sunflower tablecloth, but more subdue ones would look lovely too. Oh and come Christmas time, you really can’t go wrong with some red and green.